Code Enforcement


Ordinance 12-01 Section 90.04 F (2) - Code Enforcement Appeal Form

Ordinance No. 12-01 - Civil Nuisance Code  
Ordinance No. 12-02 - Abandoned Urban Property Ordinance No. 15-12 Rental Dwelling fee
Ordinance No. 12-04 - Vacant Property Registration Vacant Property Registration form

Certificate of Exemption

 Rental Dwelling License Application
Ordinance 16-10 Code Enforcement Changes  



Code Enforcement Report 1-1-17 Code Enforcement Report 5-1-17
Code Enforcement Report 2-1-17 Code Enforcement report 6-1-17
Code Enforcement Report 3-1-17 Code Enforcement Report 11-1-16
Code Enforcement Report 4-1-17

Code Enforcement Report 12-1-16



In accordance with KRS 65.8801 to 65.8839 and Southgate Ordinance 16-10, City of Southgate provides information to  lienholders who may have an interest in their properties.  Submit this request form to receive electronic notifications of all Code Enforcement final orders entered by the City of Southgate.

Citation Date Property Address Name Mailing Address Citation Amount Citation Final Order Date
4/12/2017 14 W. Walnut St. Forton, David & Sharon 103 Spindle Top Ln Ft. Thomas  $         300.00 2010737 4/21/2017
4/14/2017 22 W. Walnut St. Ageyenko, Denis 22 W. Walnut St. Southgate  $         400.00 2010716 4/26/2017
4/19/2017 14 W. Walnut St. Forton, David & Sharon 103 Spindle Top Ln Ft. Thomas  $         300.00 2010737-2 4/28/2017
5/3/2017 32 Retreat St. Wells Fargo Mortgage 1 Home Campus X2303 Des Moines, IA  $         400.00 2010759





 The Code Enforcement Department was established to ensure public health, safety, and welfare. The program encourages property owners to maintain their property to the minimum standards of the City’s Property Maintenance Code and the City’s ordinances. The goal of the Code Enforcement Department is to work with the property owners, tenants and business owners of Southgate to resolve all code violations in an equitable and helpful manner.

 Enforcement of property maintenance codes and city ordinances helps all property owners and citizens by maintaining or increasing property values and helps ensures the City of Southgate remains a clean and safe community to live, work and play.



Violations may be reported to the Code Officer at or by phone at 859-760-0926. Violations may be mailed to the City Clerk at 122 Electric Avenue Southgate, KY 41071, faxed at 859-441-0244 or by phone at 859-441-0075. Violations may be submitted anonymously; however the code violation must be able to be seen from the right-of-way and a detailed description of the violation is required.

 The Code Officer position is a part-time position.  The typical work schedule for the Code Officer is Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. All phone calls and emails will be returned on the next working business day (Tues. and Thurs.). If the code violation is an urgent matter that cannot wait until Tuesday or Thursday, please contact the City Clerk or the Police Department.


John Lauber

Code Enforcement Officer

John Lauber